If you love your neighbor, I should not have to ask,
Cover that nose and that mouth with a mask.

You might think to say, ‘I’m not even sick’
Some symptoms don’t show, so don’t be a d*ck.

Whether you live in the north, or in the south,
You could have the COVID in your dirty mouth.

It’s bad for your breathing? That doesn’t make sense.
My wife wore one…her lungs only worked at 20 percent.

CF caused that, and then it got worse.
But that thin little cloth will put YOU in a hearse?

Some yell about freedom, and cry ‘Liberty!’
But infecting Americans ain’t patriotic to me.

If you care about people paying the rent,
Masks bump GDP by 5 percent.

“But they told us in March, masks were not needed.”
It’s in learning new things, where the dumb ones are weeded.

It stops spit from flying and spreading those germs.
No one wants nana feeding the worms.

It don’t matter your wealth, your status or class,
Don’t make weak excuses, put on a damn mask!