When I was told that next week’s in-person VLC was cancelled I was incredibly disappointed. All year I look forward to seeing old friends, making new ones, and talking so much that I lose my voice sometime during day 2. This year I was honored to be asked to be a co-chair with Julie so I was looking forward to this VLC more than I ever have.

Despite that disappointment, I knew immediately that the leadership at the CFF had come to the right decision. In the back of my mind I had been worrying that I could potentially catch something and bring it home to Becca who (since she is post transplant) has a compromised immune system from her anti-rejection meds. I imagined all of the hand sanitizer I would use and even thought about getting a hotel for a night or two after returning just to keep her safe. I’m sure many of you had similar worries.

This community has one thing over so many others, resilience. From people who have gone through hell to get a transplant to parents that have lost their children, from the highs of a good day to the knot in your stomach from a decline…being able to hear bad news and continue fighting is was makes this community so incredible . Having the ability to put things into perspective quickly comes from practice and it’s hard to imagine a more ‘practiced’ group than this one.

When I did my TEDx talk, I spoke on realistic optimism. A big part is that there is no benefit from burying our heads in the sand. The fact that the CFF leadership took the time to think this through and make a tough but correct call is a reminder to me of why I volunteer.

So yes, we’re still going to have VLC, it’ll just be online. And though we may not meet up at the bar, feel free to friend me, send me a message, or shoot me an email (cfcornerman@gmail.com) because I’m always happy to connect with another member of the CF Family. And together we’re absolutely going to make CF stand for Cure Found.