As the former chair and council member, our vision of our Tomorrow’s Leaders group is filled with people that start early, people that grab the baton and continue running toward a cure. This can help both the CF Foundation and the individuals that become members in so many different ways!

We will have new ideas as well as people to help implement them. We will make organizational connections with companies where these new members are employed that have a ton of different ways they can support us. We can utilize professional and personal networks to recruit additional members that may be interested in being involved. And finally, we can help those people learn how good it feels to put their time and energy into a good cause. That is something that they can take with them as they continue to grow and mature.

They say it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know. Being involved with a non-profit like Tomorrow’s Leaders will not only help them learn new skills, but it will introduce them to a larger network of truly phenomenal people. People in so many industries and such varied roles.

So, as we connect with more young people, let’s get them involved. If their interest is networking, we have so many interesting and accomplished people in our group. If they’re looking for leadership experience they can help plan one of our signature events, maybe lead the planning, or even join the council. And if they’re looking for a fun way to socialize with some great people we’ve got that too. Whatever their vision for themselves may be, we have a great story to tell why it aligns with our vision to not only grow Tomorrow’s Leaders, but to find a true cure for this disease.